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Human Resource
Human Resource
At FDZJ, people are the source of all our abilities. We know our people are vital to the success of the business of Our goal at FDZJ is simple -- we want the best people to work with us. We aim to recruit and retain the best people for our business. We strive to create the best place to work for our employees and encourage everyone to achieve their maximum potential. 

FDZJ welcomes the talent of people from diverse backgrounds to provide the expertise, dedication and imagination. If you are looking for an organization, which offers a variety of career opportunities, please join us. Together, we can make life better!

Address: No.308 Cailun Rd., Z.J.Hi-tech Park, Shanghai, P.R.China

Zip Code: 201210

Tel: (8621) 58953355   Fax: (8621) 58553990

E-mail: hr@fd-zj.com


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