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FDZJ concentrats on the business of R & D, manufatcture and sales of innovative drugs.

Taizhou Fudan-Zhangjiang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Tracing Bio-technology Co., Ltd.
Demei Derma Care Clinia Medical investment and management Co., Ltd
Shanghai Ba Dian Medicine Co.,Ltd.
The official market launch of FuMeiD...
2016-12-05 14:20
The success of obtaining drug approv...
2016-10-20 14:00
Air conditioning system design of sm...
2016-04-19 10:10
ALA® has been successfully selected ...
2015-04-03 12:50
2014 Enviroment Report
2015-04-02 16:50
2013 Enviroment Report
2014-03-31 16:27
Twenty anniversary
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